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Accounting and Supervision

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    BLS offers comprehensive Accounting and Supervision services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses, particularly small to mediumsized organizations. Our services are designed to manage and streamline your financial operations, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in financial reporting.

    Our Extensive Range of Services

    Monthly Accounting and Financial Management: We handle all aspects of monthly accounting, from documenting transactions to preparing financial statements, ensuring your accounts are up-to-date and accurate.

    Documentation and Reconciliations: Our team meticulously manages financial documentation and performs regular reconciliations to maintain the integrity of your financial records.

    Job Costing and Financial Reporting: We Specialise in job costing to track project expenses accurately and provide comprehensive financial reporting for informed decision-making.

    Supervisory Services

    Guidance for Junior Accountants

    For businesses employing junior accountants, we offer expert supervisory services. Our professionals conduct regular site visits to provide training and oversight, ensuring the creation of accurate and timely financial reports.

    Development of Management Report Formats

    We assist in developing formats for management reports that cater to your specific business requirements, facilitating effective management oversight.

    Enhancing Internal Controls

    Our services include a thorough review of your existing financial systems. We identify and address control weaknesses, providing effective solutions to establish robust internal controls.

    Digitalisation of Accounts with Software Solutions

    In today’s digital age, the Computerisation of accounting records is essential. We offer innovative solutions for accounts Computerisation, including the supply, installation, and training on renowned accounting software like Peachtree, Tally, and Zoho Books.

    Our Commitment

    At BLS, we are committed to providing continuity in your business operations. Our team ensures smooth and efficient management of your accounting processes, supporting you in making informed and timely business decisions. Our comprehensive accounting and supervision services are distinguished by their attention to detail, commitment to accuracy, and adaptability to your unique business needs.